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As I reflect on 20 years in business it hits me that the entrepreneurship life is not at all what I initially thought. My love of brand name items and working with our customers is so far from my day to day tasks. I find myself working on the most annoying things such as payroll, advertising, tax preparations, paperwork, training, the occasional plugged toilet and anything else that falls under “other.” In my dream stage of my business, I envisioned creating stunning displays and hosting A list after hours shopping parties. The reality is that I do those things but not daily. More often my days include struggling with the basic operations of business. The behind the scenes duties that are necessary to succeed.

graphic entitled topics to tackle. lists the following: business burnout, growth, leadership and marketing.

When I say business, I mean all sorts of businesses. This encompasses stay at home moms who are working in the multi level marketing trenches, brick and mortar stores, online stores, shops or services that cater to online sales, and the list goes on. Whether you are a one person operation or a company with a multidude of employees, we all face many of the same fundamental struggles.

If YOU can relate then you will fit right in here at Tired Boss Lady. My hope is to provide you with my insights and mistakes to help you find your way faster. My educational background also dictates that I create and share all sorts of worksheets that help you outline and devise a plan through many of the obstacles that entrepreneurs of all types face on a day to day basis.

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